Not Strictly Jazz

Join Delano Mills Not Strictly Jazz programme Tuesday 6pm - 8pm.

Delano’s has been presenting the Not Strictly Jazz programme in Birmingham since April 1998 and is without question one of the longest running Jazz radio presenters in the country.  The programme showcases the true diversity of the music and includes styles of music that are influenced by Jazz such as Jazz-funk, jazz rock and ethnic music styles from Africa, South America and Europe.

As a musician, Delano continues to have a prominent presence in the music life of the city and has worked with some of the cities best known international chartbusting artistes including Apache Indian, Pato Banton  & Musical Youth where he holds the role of bass player. Delano plays bass with his own NotStrictlyJazz Quartet, a band that includes some of the finest players in the city and is an outlet to perform live some of the music that is popular on his radio programmes and with his live audiences.


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